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SATA RAID Explained

Serial ATA RAID controllers or SATA RAID Controllers are required to make your SATA storage system work efficiently and perfectly. There are many high-performance SATA RAID controller that manages your data safely at a reasonable cost. RAID recovery also becomes easy and dependable.

SATA RAID Enclosures

SATA RAID enclosures are available in several configurations in the market. For example, there are enclosures with up to 20 drives that can provide huge storage facility along with high performance. These SATA RAID enclosures feature SATA Multilane connector with which you can establish 4 SATA hard drive connection with a single cable.

You can also have high profile PCI to SATA RAID solution that integrate third party motherboard and several drives from different vendors so that you can develop your own RAID array and reduce infrastructure cost.

With these systems you can:

  • Support 1 TB of storage with 500 GB SATA drives
  • Truly customize hardware RAID protection for your valuable data
  • Easily manage RAID and configure it
  • Best hardware RAID price/performance
  • Maximize the RAID controller throughput rate.

Along with storage RAID data recovery becomes easy and full proof.

Usages of high performance SATA enclosures

8 Drive enclosure with SATA PCI Express controller are needed for memory intensive jobs like video editing as it can support 10-bit uncompressed SD, 10-bit uncompressed HD, Multi-Stream SD, HDV, DV etc.

You may use these SATA enclosures in digital photo libraries, Motion Graphics libraries, or MP3 libraries.

Some high performance software like Final Cut Pro, Aperture, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, iMovie, Lightroom, iPhoto, Sony Vegas, ProTools, Avid Liquid etc. work better when you have these SATA enclosures.

System Requirements for SATA RAID enclosures:

It works with Windows XP SP2, 2000, Vista, and Windows 7 and on Mac Pro or Power Mac G5 Dual-Core that has x4/x8 PCI Express slot. It is supported by Mac OS X 10.4.x or advanced versions.

Adaptec SATA Raid

Adaptec is one of the leading vendors for SATA RAID controllers and other related accessories. They have several range of products to cater to the need of every business irrespective of the size and complexities. The premium series of unified serial controllers offer full cache protection for which no battery installation is needed. With Adaptec SATA RAID you can also minimize the cost of monitoring and replacement costs for internal ports.

Adaptec SATA Raid controllers come with very low maintenance cache protection along with reliable and excellent performance. Adaptec SATA RAID has features for intelligent power management and maximum scalability.

With zero-maintenance cache protection you can save money on RAID recovery and disposal cost. In reality the running cost of a data center comes down drastically as you need not to spend money on RAID data recovery. They also support multiple OS and come with 3 years of warranty.

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