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RAID Failure

RAID failure

As in every major system, RAID-based systems are affected by the human factor. Storage technicians seldom have the expertise necessary to handle RAID disks when the medium degrades or even when the first failure occurs. When a failed disk in a RAID storage system is not replaced on time, the data stored on the entire storage system is vulnerable to further damage.

Why do RAID systems fail?

RAID-based systems fail quite often due to various reasons:

  • RAID disks are used intensively, and gradually degrade. They are more susceptible to damage from caused by heat and mechanical failure.
  • Over-dependency on the ability to recover from failure, while neglecting to account for the number of consecutive failures and the time interval between failures.
  • RAID disks are usually purchased together and come from the same production line, thus and therefore suffering from similar flaws. This increases the chance for near-simultaneous multiple disk failure.
  • When a hardware-based RAID controller fails, the retrieval and possibly recovery of the data requires a compatible controller to be used.
  • A RAID recovery technician/administrator is required to notice the RAID failure and then manually replace the failed disk before a second failure occurs.
  • Finally, RAID does not protect from data from file deletion, intentional damage, or viral damage caused by viruses or malicious code.

What can I do when my RAID system fails?

First of all - do not panic. There is a good chance most of your data can be recovered. You should not try to rebuild the RAID, since failure to do it correctly may destroy your data forever. What you should do is consult with a data recovery expert who specializes in RAID storage systems.

RRO offers a professional remote RAID data recovery services. We can recover your RAID by remote control. You do not even have to deliver your hard drives to a data recovery company, losing precious time and money.

At RRO, we harness the vast experience and specialized skills of our data-recovery engineering team to recover our clients’ lost data and return reconstructed files as soon as possible. Our secure online recovery solution minimizes potential disclosure of your private data to inquisitive eyes, and eliminates the risks of damage in the delivery process. Furthermore, our highly optimized recovery process translates directly into reduced rates for our clients.

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