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Raid Recovery Software Explained

Data recovery involves retrieving of the original data from storage devices. These devices can be ranging from magnetic discs to tapes. Devices are the storage equipments which have become corrupted and from which the data have to be recovered. When the data stored in this type of medium are not accessible by the user it becomes a waste.

We need to recover these data in such a way so that these become usable again as part of the important resources. For this we can have different types of recovery software. Hard drives, tapes, CDs, DVDs and other storage devices can malfunction at any point of time due to physical damages, virus attack or improper usage of the devices. So, it proves the old saying right again—prevention is better than cure.

Recovery tools and data recovery software play an important role in order to resolve these kinds of critical problems. In an organization data stored in these mediums are highly important. Once lost, they can affect the whole business process in such a way that the consequence could be catastrophic.

In RAID system we normally use several of hard drives. Each hard drive is known as an RAID array. If any of the discs malfunctions we can retrieve the data from the other drive. This process is also known as RAID array recovery.

Storing of information on the disc chains associated in to RAID arrays can provide benefits of increased speed of accessing data. It also provides reliable storage capacity. In case of failure of a particular array we will require a highly specialized Raid recovery tool and Raid data recovery software which restores access to the disk. These types of software are not distributed to the end user.

Since the usage requires knowledge and proper technical skill set hence it becomes necessary to know all the aspects of recovery procedures. Most of the software is generally produced by the manufacturers of various RAID controllers.

Failure of RAID array happens due to either hardware failure or software malfunction. Few instances where data raid recovery tools can be used are:

Hardware related failures:

  • RAID Controller card malfunction
  • RAID configuration gets corrupted
  • Corruption in FAT file system
  • Error occurred in case of formatting the drive

Software related failures:

  • RAID partition is missing
  • RAID partitions are Reformatted
  • Accidental re-initialization of array in the RAID array

The Raid recovery tools are designed in such a way that it automatically detects the exact type and configuration of an array. The process of Raid recovery supports all common types of rebuilding of RAID arrays starting from RAID1, RAID 5 Recovery etc. For both software and hardware failure RAID rebuild becomes quite difficult. We also need to keep in mind that since this is highly sensitive process this can cost a fair amount. We need to first understand the severity of the loss of data and evaluate carefully about how we need to recover these data.

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