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Raid Recovery Services

Raid Recovery Services

Data Recovery services include a host of services. You may need to recover the data from IDE, SATA and SCSI hard drives.

RAID is used by organizations to have better storage performance with fault tolerance. But if a RAID array fails, it can have severe business consequences if the data gets lost or erased. In such scenario data recovery services like RAID data recovery comes into effect to restore corrupted RAID media and for carefully extracting optimum data.

Typical Causes of RAID Array failure for which raid array recovery becomes critical are:

  • Multiple hard drive malfunction at the same instance.
  • Corruption of server registry.
  • Configuration corruption.
  • RAID Controller hardware failure.

Initial analysis of the failed RAID array drives are done by the recovery experts. On thorough inspection, they will first determine whether the crash is logical or physical. Logical crash means that the crash has occurred because of some inappropriate software configuration and it can be reconfigured using software only.

Physical crash means that the disk drives or the hardware RAID controllers have malfunctioned and they need to replaced or repaired in order to recover from the crash.

Proper data recovery procedures should be in place beforehand in all organizations as part of disaster management guidelines.

There can be several reasons of RAID array failure. These are following:

  • Raid failure can take place by the negligence of any individual. This type of failure is a result of human errors.
  • Hardware problem and bugs present in the software can also make a disaster.
  • Presence of feeding problem in the file system can make the data unreadable.
  • Theft of removable media or portable computer systems leads to data loss.
  • Virus plays an important role in RAID failure.
  • Hackers from worldwide also try to destroy the data in a RAID array.
  • Natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquake physically damage the RAID array.
  • It is clear that the risk of data loss cannot be ignored in a business environment. In this regard RAID recovery service plays an important role to defend such kind of loss to a business process.

Setting up proper RAID recovery services:

Proper knowledge: Availability of proper information and knowledge is highly important to perform a successful raid recovery service.

Proper planning: We need to understand the benefits of this data recovery service. We need to also be aware of proper implementation. Wrong recovery service will negatively affect the business by not giving value for money.

Cost: Needless to explain that RAID partition recovery process is a mission critical process. This is also highly expensive at the same time. So at the planning phase we need to take care of the cost factor as well.

This is very easy to understand that if a proper prevention is not taken failure of Raid system can be catastrophic in an organization.

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