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RAID 5 Explained

Raid 5 is one of the levels of the Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks which stripes both the data as well as the parity information across three or more than three drives. The benefit of using a RAID 5 array is that you can easily adjust the stripe sizes in order to match the application that is under usage. RAID 5 data recovery is popular now because of its wide usage profile.

RAID 5 has become popular of late due to its compatibility with maximum number of applications. RAID 5 is able to store parity data but not the data which is redundant. Hence, by using a RAID 5 level of disks, you can link together three or more than three drives in order to attain a single large capacity storing device. This device offers larger capacity, superior performance and reliability. RAID 5 is known as the most powerful form of RAID which can be found on a desktop computer system.

How does RAID 5 work?

There is a parity shift which occurs between the drives in order to increase the performance of the data and to make it more reliable. This array has an advantage of having increased performance over one drive since there is higher speed of writing of data of multiple drives. The data is also fully redundant. The array capacity depends mathematically of the number of drives and the capacity of each of them and is directly proportional to both of them.

What are the advantages of using RAID 5?

Using a raid 5 offers the following advantages:

  1. There is an increase in the performance of the array meant for storage of the data.
  2. The data is fully redundant.
  3. It has an ability to run 24X7 with hot swap.
  4. The fault tolerance is pretty good with it tolerating the loss of one drive.
  5. The random read and write performance is very good and the betterment increases for larger sizes of stripes.
  6. The cost is moderate and RAID 5 has become very popular in this decade.

Thus, the RAID 5 can be seen as a combination of good performance, good fault tolerance, high capability and efficiency of storing.

Raid 5 recovery:

Using various raid recovery software, you can recover all your data from a RAID 5 array. The types of recovery that are needed for a RAID 5 volume are:

  1. Synchronization of parity.
  2. Recovery of stale subdisk.
  3. Recovery of log plex.

With raid 5 data recovery, you can repair a corrupted array, and get lost data as well. In order to perform a data raid recovery, you need to know the RAID 5 inside out. There are various raid recovery software available over the internet by which you can easily get your required data back. Raid 5 recovery is a very important service which is offered by many companies which consist of team members who expertise in raid 5 data recovery.

Raid partition recovery is usually done when a whole partition is missing and cannot be located on the hard drive. A RAID 5 controller is needed in order to manage the RAID-5 array.

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